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Accountant Park Royal West London Business Startups Complete confidence with predictable costs

What do small companies, business start-ups, sole traders and the small UK subsidiaries of overseas companies have in common?
They all need a financial and accountancy service in which they can place complete confidence, with predictable costs, provided from a single contact point and delivering to agreed deadlines.


Our Business Services Department provides just such a service for many of our clients. We do so at reasonable cost, calling on the firm’s powerful resources of experience and specialist knowledge when necessary.


Clients of our Business Services Department (BSD) enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all their accountancy, tax, financial management and statutory obligations are being met by experts. Relief from the burden of financial routines leaves them free to concentrate on what matters most - building their business and their revenue.


The help you need in starting a business will depend on your objectives, your previous experience and the type of business you are founding.


Our start-up clients benefit from specialists who show them how to cope with potentially troublesome tasks such as setting up bookkeeping and accounting systems, registering for VAT, and dealing with PAYE and NI.


We can also help you decide on the most tax-efficient form for your enterprise and help you with limited company formation, setting up a partnership or registering as self-employed.


Whatever trading form you adopt, you will need to prepare budgets and business plans, and consider the use of IT systems (hardware and software), data communications and the Internet. We provide practical help in these areas.

New and growing businesses need a variety of routine services, which we can provide either individually or as a package tailored precisely to your needs.


Services might include audit or financial review, corporation tax, bookkeeping, payroll, PAYE & NI, VAT returns, management accounts, company secretarial services, and negotiations with banks and other lenders.


Alternatively we can provide a fully outsourced accounting service, freeing you to concentrate on building your business.


We place great importance on establishing and maintaining close contact with our clients, and usually make personal visits on a regular basis. Some clients look to us to provide temporary stop-gap services or to carry out an ad hoc role as financial controllers, and we are perfectly happy to do so.

We can help you carry out effective corporation tax planning for the short, medium and longer term to reflect the development of your business. We can also help by preparing or reviewing your corporation tax computations and returns.

Our wide range of business performance improvement services will help you develop your business and become more profitable. Services include:


  • Benchmarking to compare your performance in different areas with similar companies. This highlights areas you could improve as well as confirming the things you’re doing right.
  • Performance measurement ensures we know how you’re performing on the key aspects of your business.
  • Profitability and pricing review identifies which of your products or services (and which customers) are the most profitable. It will also highlight the areas that aren’t working as well as they might in your business.
  • Performance improvement is unlikely without sound controls and processes. So our stock and asset management service will help you put these in place or improve existing measures for better business efficiency and audit. We can advise you on ways to improve your cash-flow and on how to price products and services to give you maximum long-term profit.

Overseas companies establishing subsidiaries or branch offices in the UK will need several or all of our small company services plus advice on UK practice.


We are very experienced in compiling reports for submission to the principal company abroad.


We provide a complete service and have provided clients with increasingly sophisticated advice as they have grown into sizeable and successful organisations.

Of all the client groups we serve, sole-trading consultants and personal service companies probably need us most.


For an individual striving to build and sustain a good level of work and revenue, relief from the anxieties of tax and self-assessment, National Insurance, VAT, finance-raising, record keeping and budgeting saves enormous amounts of time and energy.


The benefits can far outweigh the costs involved.

Why not contact us today or telephone on 020 8997 2360 to discuss your requirements in more detail and find out what we can do for you. We not only cover the Park Royal area, but also the rest of London, especially, West London, making us the ideal Accountant to offer you the best, local advice.