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Dedicated Corporate Secretarial Team

Our dedicated Corporate Secretarial team can handle all company secretarial duties, saving you time, protecting you from possible penalties and fines, and sparing you a great deal of needless anxiety.
We can help you with:


  • Maintenance of statutory books and registers.
  • Filing of statutory forms and annual returns with the Registrar.
  • Circulation of accounts and AGM notices.
  • Drafting and amending Articles of Association.
  • Stamp Duty exemptions.
  • Preparation of dormant accounts and resolutions.
  • Share allotments and transfers.
  • Provision of a Company Secretary.
  • On-line access to the Companies House database.


We work for owner/managers of small and medium-sized businesses who need the basic service provided as cost-effectively as possible, and we often supply a company secretary for such firms at a modest cost.

Basis of Our Fees

We charge for our Corporate Secretarial services in three ways:


Basic service

Maintaining statutory books, filing returns, AGM documentation, provision of a Company Secretary - we charge an annual fixed fee.

Attending AGMs and meetings at our clients’ offices

We charge on a time basis at previously agreed rates.

Complex one-off projects

Own-share purchase, company or group restructurings, registering and re-registering of companies etc., we charge a fixed fee, agreed in advance.


Our aim is always to deliver excellent value for money with no nasty surprises, and we keep our clients fully informed regarding costs at all times.


Why not contact us today or telephone on 020 8997 2360 to discuss your requirements in more detail and find out what we can do for you.